Your partner for animal feeding

BRINGING IN - TAKING OUT - MIXING - REFRESHING - this is our core expertise:

We offer a full range of feeding technology at the highest level - from bringing in the silage into the silage stock until refreshing the feed in the barn.

Our goal for all these tasks is an alleviation of work for the farmer with a maximum of animal welfare!

7. June 2019

Every success needs to be celebrated... ...and that´s exactly what we did on Friday, 24th of May:
In the course of "the Mammut...

22. May 2019

>>>> New in our programme: silage spreader "CERES" <<<<
The new rotary silage spreader impresses...

15. May 2019

We proudly present: the 20.000th MAMMUT concrete mixer! The "TM 150" is currently on it´s way to Norway.