Your partner for animal feeding

BRINGING IN - TAKING OUT - MIXING - REFRESHING - this is our core expertise:

We offer a full range of feeding technology at the highest level - from bringing in the silage into the silage stock until refreshing the feed in the barn.

Our goal for all these tasks is an alleviation of work for the farmer with a maximum of animal welfare!

30. September 2019

Sweden - a beautiful country, right?
And for us it's a little more beautiful now!

Why? - Because now we have found a new...

29. August 2019

Our feed mixer "Profi-Mix" 2,5 m³ self driver is also available as electric version with lithium-ion battery!...

19. August 2019

Refreshing feed is an important point of the daily work in the barn!
If you serve fresh feed more often a day, cows are tempted to go...