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Turbo Mix

  • Differing concrete qualities require uncompromising mixing (frost protection, average density, cement proportion...). All MAMMUT developments have quality, sturdiness and durability in practical use as their main objectives.

    With our mixers this starts at the agitator, with spring-mounted mixing tines and adjustable stirring paddles. They guarantee the best mixing and are "yielding" against strong resistance. This quality philosophy continues from the robust oil bath gearbox via practical attachment points, the sack opener and stand legs to the variety of types for individual requirements.

    • portable and independent of electrical current through attachment to the tractor
    • fill with farmyard loaders, front loaders, etc. machines with a self-loading shovel also available
    • best mixing quality and high hourly performance through compulsory mixing system, even with dry concrete
    • high material qualities for floors, walls and mixing shares 
    • from 240-1200 litres
    • drive also possible with electric motor, oil motor or diesel engine