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  • Eases the workload with fresh grass

    For many farmers, manually pushing fresh grass is all part of the daily routine: Pasture milk dairy farms in particular like to provide fresh feed in the summer. Major challenges here are naturally the physical workload on the one hand, but also supplying the cattle with a large quantity of fresh grass at the feeding fence on a continuous basis, and in doing so also avoiding feed leftovers at the end of the day insofar as possible.

  • Before feeding:

    Any leftover feed can be removed with the additionally available clearing plough.

  • The requirements...

    The freshly mown grass is usually unloaded directly onto
    the feeding table and should then be quickly moved to the
    feeding fence.


    MAMMUT provides mechanical support to the distribution of freshly mown grass: The feed refresher „Fortuna Spezial“ with its screw system reliably transports the piles of grass to the feeding fence. By additionally equipping the refresher with
    the separately available clearing plough, it is possible to deliver the feed to the animals in a single step with ease, even with wide feed strips.


    Due to the constant quantity of feed in the feeding area, the cows are encouraged to consume a greater quantity of basic feed.