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Forty & Fortuna

  • Der Futterräumer FORTY ist der kleinere der beiden Typen und das ideale Gerät für bereits fertige Totalmischrationen.
  • Der Futterräumer FORTUNA eignet sich dank des großen Trommeldurchmessers perfekt für große Futtermengen.
  • Our know-how is your advantage:

    • Top feed quality:
      The feed retains a fresh flavour through renewed mixing and quality losses are avoided. This also encourages the animals to consume greater quantities of feed and feed selection is prevented.

    • Eases the workload:
      With the feed refresher, manually pushing the feed is a thing of the past. This not only saves time but also significantly eases daily work, in particular with fresh grass. At the same time, it is still possible to keep a constant eye on the herd.

    • Very clean work in the feeding table:
      The floor on the feeding table remains clean and the feed stays free of contaminants.

    • Suitable for every shed:
      The flexible MAMMUT feed refresher also delivers top results in older shed buildings. Uneven floors are perfectly balanced out through pendulum compensation on the implement.
      Because the feed refresher is mounted on a carrier vehicle, it can be used in multiple shed buildings.