• Mounting and dismounting

    Mounting and dismounting is effected with the supplied support foot and without great effort. The fold-up lower links are not only space-saving, they also reduce the risk of injury should the linkage not be in use or parked.

    Remove the securing bolts – attach the support foot and screw it up securely – sink the lower linkage arms to the ground, thereby the hoisting gear is completely lifted out of the console, then close the hydraulic pipelines – job done!

  • Bolt positions 

    Three bolt positions for multifunction: to fold up, to rigidly block, as pendulum compensation for optimal front device adaptation.

  • Space-saving

    with folded-up lower linkages.

  • Solid lower linkage latching

    on request, also with quick-coupler.

  • Front drive

    with 1000 rev/min. for almost every add-on device.