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  • Powerful distribution performance starting at 80 HP

    The silage distributor HURRICANE is the ideal machine to spread the silage optimally into the width when it was unloaded evenly. With the weight of 870 kg the machine is suitable for tractors starting at 80 HP. The maximum unloading height of the silage is 80 cm.


  • The robust all-rounder starting at 80 HP

    The model CERES is suitable for bigger amounts of feed due to the higher torque. The distributorĀ“s weight of approx. 1250 kg increases the total weight of the carrier vehicle, which supports the compressing process. For a trouble-free use there are 100 HP needed.


  • The machine for professionals starting at 140 HP

    The DONAR is the absolute top-of-the-range model in the rotary distributor section. The high rotors as well as the strong dimensioned gearbox with high torque make the DONAR the absolute professional machine for biggest amounts of feed - therefore it is perfectly suitable for contractors. This type of distributor finds itĀ“s ideally application at unloading heights up to 120 cm.