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  • The rotary distributor from 80 hp tractor power

    • Silage distributed optimally in the shortest time
    • Composition  of the silage heap with perfect shape and stability
    • Easy operation thanks to superior technology
    • Healthy basic feed without mould patches keeps the animals healthy
    • The good distribution performance can be improved further with the hydraulic pivoting arrangement. This optional device can be retrofitted at any time. The solidly mounted pivot point is already present in all versions.
    • A reversing gear unit can be also fitted as a factory option or can be retrofitted to allow changing from front to rear operation.
    • Mechanically or hydraulically folding swathe limiters are also available in order to prevent spreading over the edge of the silo.
    • Save yourself the connection of an large number of hydraulic hoses with the electrical control option. Simply preselect the function and then control it via the control unit.


  • Operating convenience for greater working width from 120 hp tractor power

    • With the top of the range model Donar, you can achieve an uniform spreading up to a working width of 5 m.
    • The hydraulically operated, individually folding swathe limiters are included in the standard equipment. The swathe limitation is hydraulically telescopic to allow the desired working width to be adjusted.
    • Electronic control for preselecting the function, as well as an integrated display of the rotor speed, guarantees the highest level of operator convenience.