• Ingenious idea - and soooo easy!

    The carrying forks are lowered to the ground over a pivot point above the axle. By means of the shape of a bracket at the rear forks and of a tube at the front ones they engage fully with each other. Thus both can be lowered to the ground. One drives in reverse to the bale, engages laterally with the forks past the bale and, with the first fork, lifts the bale into the transport position. This is in the appropriate height, such that the view from the tractor under the bale to the second fork remains free. Now, the second bale can be gripped in the same way. Through two separate, double-acting hydraulic control circuits these operations are carried out to the left and right independently of each other. In this way four silage bales can be taken up in about 1.5 minutes.

    Technical Data:
    Height in transport position2.300 mm
    Width ab 2.480 mm
    Length 5.200 mm
    Weight 1.500 kg
    Power requirementab 70 PS
    Standard tyres355/60-18