• Individual total weight

    The rollers body as well as the frame are fillable with water. This means that the total weight of the silage roller can be easily adjusted to suit the application and tractor power.

  • Optimum depth effect

    The disc height is optimally matched to the roller body and thus ensures a very high point load. In addition, the large distance between the discs and their notches prevents the roller from getting stuck.

  • Solid headstock

    The solid and short headstock enables a safe driving experience in silos and on the road due to its proximity to the carrier vehicle. The headstock can be filled with concrete or sand through an opening on the top side, for increasing the total weight.

  • Comfortable side shift

    As an option, the roller can be moved 500 mm to the right or left by a hydraulic cylinder. For this function only a double-acting control on the carrier vehicle is necessary.

  • Long service life

    Lateral rollers on the frame serve as roll-off protection on the silo wall and prevent damage to the roller and the silo wall. In addition, the powder coating ensures a long service life of the machine.