• clean cut

    The welded Hardox cutting knife guarantees very low cutting resistance in the silo.

  • smooth cutting process

    Lower cutting resistance thanks to optimum cutting radius and welded cutting knife - meaning less strain on the equipment.

  • refined construction

    Thanks to the carefully considered design of the cutting basket, it is possible to dispense with a flow divider valve. A torque tube as reinforcement ensures additional stability and complete resistance to warping - also under extreme loads (e.g. cutting a half silage block out of the silo).

  • durability

    The large main bearing bolt (type N ,M: 50mm Ø / type H, XL: 60 mm Ø) guarantees that the silage shear will have a long service life.

  • everything from a single source

    Mammut offers a large selection of attachments for tractors and wheel and telescopic loaders.

  • high flexibility

    All of our accessories can be upgraded at any time thanks to their bolted attachment points. For example, the image shows the hinged base plate which prevents disintegration losses when it comes to fine-grain silage.