• Maximum service life

    All pivot points are equipped with wide bearings and high-strength wear bushings. This means maximum service life as the basis for our name - Longlife.

  • Up to four control circuits

    can be placed on the covering of the "hydraulic central". This makes possible not only the operation of hydraulic tools on the loader, external devices can also be supplied.

  • Hydrofix

    With the power lever open, attach the hose coupling block. Then simply press the locking lever down - works quickly - holding firmly - Hydrofix.

  • Precise parallel guidance

    Lift loads without losing any load - a matter of course, one that must especially be met in pallet transport. A guide bar on the right swing arm snaps into a display tool precisely in the horizontal tool position. Thus you can make out the horizontal position exactly from the tractor, which is maintained at every lift height.

  • Joystick

    Control the machine with just one joystick. The convenient control device places all functions into your one hand. In connection with the e-valve up to eight functions are possible.

  • Euronorm

    Unitary across Europe - or perhaps not? With Euro standard connection we offer the Europe-wide standard for the mounting of all tools. However, MAMMUT has developed the system further. A hook-type angle on the receptor presses the lever out of its catch, so that the latter is automatically locked.

  • Parked after work

    Another unique feature is the support legs. No complicated extension of telescopic rods, no more bolts to put in... the support legs fold down easily from the swing arm and can be effort-savingly set with a spindle. With the model Powerfix they are hydraulically actuated, without having to dismount from the tractor.

  • Electromagnetic valve

    At your request, we can equip your hydraulic loader with electromagnetic valves. The power supply is integrated in the practical Powerfix and secured with it.

  • High-quality powder coating

    All parts of the loader are coated in large enamelling furnaces. Even the whole swing arm receives in a part its sealed upper surface.

  • Precision 

    Precision begins on a monitor screen and continues through all stages of production, to the finished loader. CAD drawings of all devices and details create the basis for this.

  • Service life

    All bearing points are fitted with high-strength plain bearing bushes. In addition, the bearing points are substantially broadened. This results in an extremely long service life.

    Most precise manufacturing

    The laser-cut parts are welded to finished components in a pulsed welding process. That is absolute accuracy with clean weld seams, which do justice to the handsome looks of the MAMMUT Longlife.