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  • PROFI MIX self-propelled "PM 2.5 SF"

    For even greater flexibility, MAMMUT offers a self-propelled feed mixer with 2.5 m³ volume. The self-propelled mixer is available with a petrol engine or electric motor, and thanks to it´s compact construction it is ideally suited for use in tight shed spaces.

  • Maximum mobility

    With it´s single-wheel steering and a steering lock angle fo approx. 150 degrees, the slim-line mobile mixer is extremely agile. The container on the self-propelled mixer is made of plastic (polyethylene HD) - the wear-resistant material not only guarantees a long service life but also reduces the net weight of the mixer.

  • Consistent mixing results

    Due to the container shape and the two angular augers, counter knifes are not required on the PM 2.5 SF. The feed is homogeneously shredded and mixed - providing precise mixing results even with small mix quantities.

  • Quiet and emission-free

    Alongside the Honda petrol engine, the mobile mixer is also available as an electric version: This means that emision-free operation is possible, particularly in closed sheds. The PM 2.5 SF is available in mains and cordless versions.

  • E-power for your stable

    Emission-free use inside sheds is also possible with the 15 kW electric motor (here as a cable variant).

    Standard equipmentAccessories
    electronic weighing systemdouble sided hydraulic opening
    one mechanic dischargeplastic extension 10 cm
    metal hopper (size upon consultation)
    exhaust extension upwards
    Foamed tyres (recommended starting at 900 kg load capacity surcharge)