• Rugged frame

    The entire mixer system is constructed on a rugged frame and can be dismantled into several components for greater ease of transport. The mixer system can also be operated with the oil motor on a farm tractor or a wheel loader.

  • Refuelling

    The silage mixer can be refuelled at the same time as the farm tractor.

  • Removal

    Silage is quick and easy to remove.

  • Self-propelled vehicle

    NEW: From 2015, the MAMMUT silage mixer can be supplied as a self-propelled vehicle!

  • Enhanced appetite

    With optimum mixer rations, livestock appetites are enhanced and the selection process at the feed table is reduced.

  • Mixer



  • Oval shape

    An oval shape was chosen for the silage mixer to improve the mixing action. The tank can accommodate approx. 2 m² of silage.