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  • Stationary mixers from MAMMUT

    With the two stationary feed mixing machines with 1.5 m³ or 4 m³ volumes, MAMMUT has created an alternative for operations looking for a powerful and easily installed solution.The stationary mixers can be individually adapted to suit any premises. This system is particularly popular in operations, where vehicular entry into the buildings is restricted.

  • Electronic weighing system

    The creation of a constant mixed ration is additionally simplified through the use of an electronic weighing system (optional). The electronic additive scale guarantee continous mixing of the individual components.

  • Consistent feed quality

    The vertical mixer auger and the canted container ensure that the feed is mixed through perfectly. With both the 1.5 m³ and the 4 m³ PROFI MIX stationary mixers, the distance from the mix container to the auger has been selected to ensure that all feed components are reliably shredded and mixed trough.

  • Convenient workload easement

    An intelligent range of accessories makes feed mixing even more simple: The discharge and the mixer auger can each be conveniently controlled electrically by remote control for example.

    Standard equipmentAccessories
    electric motor and switch cabinet with convenient operationfrequency converter
    one mechanical discharge
    electronic weighing system
    one counter knifeelectrical discharge
    straw ringremote control
    second counter knife
    metal hopper
    molasses container