Profi 1.800/2.400 for three-point mounting
Technical Data:1800 K2400 K1800 L o. R1800 L+R2400 L o. R2400 L+R
Content1,8 m³2,4 m³1,8 m³1,8 m³2,4 m³2,4 m³
Tare weight  ca.520 kg550 kg890 kg1010 kg940 kg1060 kg
Length 1650 mm1650 mm1650 mm1650 mm1650 mm1650 mm
Width 1500 mm1800 mm1850 mm 2200 mm2150 mm2500 mm
Height 1800 mm1800 mm1800 mm1800 mm1800 mm1800 mm
Max. extraction height ca.3000 mm3000 mm3000 mm3000 mm3000 mm3000 mm
Nr. of feed rollers--2424
Description The compact model for mounting on the rear or front hydraulics. You benefit from excellent maneuverability despite the high loading capacity of up to 2.4 m3. (The Models 1800 K and 2400 K [tipper] are without metering equipment.) L o. R or L + R denote the mounting of the metering equipment on the left or right or on both sides.
Profi drawn with towbar
Technical Data:3200 L o. R3200 L+R4000 L o. R4000 L+R
Content3,2 m³3,2 m³4 m³4 m³
Tare weight ca.1590 kg1710 kg1685 kg1805 kg
Length 3560 mm3560 mm3560 mm3650 mm
Width 2140 mm2200 mm2440 mm 2500 mm
Height 1950 mm1950 mm1950 mm1950 mm
Max. extraction height  ca.4000 mm4000 mm4000 mm4000 mm
Nr. of feed rollers2424
DescriptionThe trailer device as a space saver. The up to 4 m3 of silage is discharged via the lateral metering equipment. You determine on which side resp. select the rational device with double-sided discharge.
Profi drawn with towbar and telescope arm
Technical Data:3800 L o. R3800 L+R4600 L o. R4600 L+R
Content 3,8 m³3,8 m³4,6 m³4,6 m³
Tare weight ca.1680 kg1800kg1765 kg1885 kg
Length 3860 mm3860 mm3860 mm3860 mm
Width 2140 mm2200 mm2440 mm 2500 mm
Height 1900 mm1900 mm1900 mm1900 mm
Max. extraction height ca.4500 mm4500 mm4500 mm4500 mm
Nr. of feed rollers2424
Tyre sizes215 R 14215 R 14215 R 14215 R 14
Technical Data:EcolineProfiline
Power unit8 PS, Yanmar 3-Cylinder-Diesel motor38 PS, Yanmar 3-Cylinder-Diesel motor
Drive system2-speed hydrostatic, 18 km/h, automatic control with Inch pedal 2-speed hydrostatic, 18 km/h, automatic control with Inch pedal
Tank capacity ca. 40 ltr. hydraulic oil and 20 ltr. diesel45 ltr. dydraulic oil and 45 ltr. diesel
AxleStud axlePlanetary axle
Brakes Drum brakeMultiple-disc brake running in an oil-bath 
Content 3.2 m3 resp. 4.6 m3 (depending on silage comb)3.2 m3 resp. 4.6 m3 (depending on silage comb)
Width 2140 mm to 2500 mm (depending on silage comb)2140 mm to 2500 mm (depending on silage comb)
Length 4700 mm to 5000 mm (depending on silage comb)5050 mm to 5350 mm (depending on silage comb)
Height min.2200 mm (with weather protection roof)2340 mm (with weather protection roof)